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By Geoff Thompson

floor combating is without doubt one of the such a lot underestimated and but devastatingly ferocious of the entire Martial Arts. ninety five% of all road fights that aren't accomplished in the first three seconds turn out at the flooring. Are you ready? This sequence of books prepares you with the superior of Wrestling, Ju-jitsu, Judo and so forth. protecting floor regulate, bars, locks, chokes, strangles, cranks, butts, bites, tearing, gouges etc., reintroducing the various unlawful and banned concepts from a century ago.

The such a lot aesthetic and but devastating finishers of all: the bars and locks. Covers arm bars, face bars, leg/ankle/foot bars, finger locks, neck cranks from each place, all used to manage or eventually spoil an opponent at the ground.

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